Camera case 【Sacco】 in production

It will appear on ULYSSES webshop very soon! I started to design this for SONY RX1R2 at first, but after many modifications it eventually got a bit larger. The final piece can take like Olympus PEN-F and OM-D EM5 MK2 together with neck strap wrap around their body.


We will sell an optional buttery case too which is specially designed for 【Sacco】.

bln-11 It stays perfectly at the bottom of this bag and holds a big size buttery, for instance Olympus BLN-1. If you a user of a big energy eater RX1RⅡ, you can even store 2 Sony NP-BX1 batteries;) This case also helps camera, normally irregular shaped big block, to sit straight in the bag. Very hard working chap indeed!

【Sacco】will come in 3 colours: Dark brown leather, light brown leather, light brown leather + grey canvas.





*This image above has a slight difference from the actual final product.



(by Sato)