カメラ・レンズ インプレッション

【Sigma 30mmF1.4 DC HSM Art impression 】

Hello, this is ENZZO. The camera which I usually use at work (to take pictures of our products) is PENTAX and I have been using it for the long time. While, the single-lens reflex camera I always carry is EOS X7, not K-5. Both have APS-C size sensor but the size and their weights are … continue reading

【My First Impression of the X-Pro2-No.2 】

Hello, this is ENZZO. The X-Pro2 has been highly praised across social media. Many say that they are truly happy with having replaced their full size single reflex camera with the X-Pro2. I think development team must be more that satisfied with these comments. I tried the X-Pro2 to see if the reputations are true … continue reading

【Body Suit for Leica M Typ262】

Hi, it’s Mori. I heard Leica added a new camera typ262 to Leica M line-up. It seems a cheap edition… Eh? Cheap?? Although I am prone to focus on the price as a commoner, I think Leica aimed to introduce a cutdown version with enough functions to take good photos. It will surely meet some demands.  … continue reading

Exciting News!!! SONY has just unveiled the RX1R2‼

  Hello, this is ENZZO. SONY has just unveiled the RX1R2 to renew its ultra-premium full-frame compact the Cyber-shot RX1R after three years since its release in November, 2012. And is it only me that the name RX1R2 strikes the name of the character in the world hot movie STAR WARS? I think I don’t … continue reading