Press Release

Hi, it’s Mori. Leather camera case 【Body Suit for SONY a7Ⅱ】 and camera strap【Classico Dritto】appeared in OLD LENS LIFE Vol.5. It’s supervised by Toru Sawamura who is a well-known writer for the article of “Digital camera dress-up ism” in Digicame Watch.

Give your favorite camera a stylish touch

Hi there, it’s Sato. ULYSSES mainly sells original leather products, but also deals in some camera accessories and stationaries which are beautifully designed and useful. I introduce the new coming products this time. 【ARTISAN OBSCURA:Soft release button and hot shoe cover 】 Oh well, it clearly shows my poor photo skills rather than the charming … continue reading

Simple rain cover

Hi, this is Mori. The rainy season started here in Fukuoka, or maybe not yet? I guess the start of the rainy season will be announced for the Kanto region in this week. When I recall my elementary school days, I enjoyed splash along in the water with rain boots which had a lot of … continue reading

Canon Photo Contest

Hello. This is Mori from Ulysses. I know this is the out of blue, but have you ever submitted photo contests? I didn’t have a chance to try it before, but a big event called “The 49th Canon Photo Contest” started from early this month. I’m a little attracted this time…by its prize and prize … continue reading