Simple rain cover

Hi, this is Mori.

The rainy season started here in Fukuoka, or maybe not yet? I guess the start of the rainy season will be announced for the Kanto region in this week.

When I recall my elementary school days, I enjoyed splash along in the water with rain boots which had a lot of water inside and didn’t care to get soaking wet. Now we get a sharp look from others even by a brief contact of wet umbrella on a train.
Cheers for modern world…

This is perfect for such a rainy day.


Oh, I must begin, this is not a ULYSSES product \(^o^)/

ETSUMI rain cover S

At first glance, “OK, it’s just a plastic bag”… I personally think it is enough for purpose, rather good because of it. It keeps shower away from camera and can be handy at festival where your camera might be exposed to water. You will never know when you need that item, then you would regret if you don’t have it in the time of need. It is not a bad price, 1,000yen for 2, to put in your bag to reduce potential for future damage.

There are other rain covers for professional use which costs more than 10,000yen. I think they are great but I haven’t got a top end camera and no need of protection against heavy wind and rain.

I can’t spend much money only for insurance, yet don’t know when the time in need would come. From my personal point of view, this rain cover stands in the right position of category, so it’s lovely.

I introduced this product without permission from my boss. Well, it’s already done. I gonna go home earlier today. ε=ε=ヽ( ゚Д゚)ノ