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【Sigma 30mmF1.4 DC HSM Art impression 】

Hello, this is ENZZO. The camera which I usually use at work (to take pictures of our products) is PENTAX and I have been using it for the long time. While, the single-lens reflex camera I always carry is EOS X7, not K-5. Both have APS-C size sensor but the size and their weights are … continue reading

【My First Impression of the X-Pro2-No.2 】

Hello, this is ENZZO. The X-Pro2 has been highly praised across social media. Many say that they are truly happy with having replaced their full size single reflex camera with the X-Pro2. I think development team must be more that satisfied with these comments. I tried the X-Pro2 to see if the reputations are true … continue reading

【My First Impression of the X-Pro2】

Hello, this is ENZZO. I’ve been wanting this model quite a long time. This X-pro2 is the high rank model of X-E series. And the reputation of the X-E series is very good among professional photographers I know, saying they would even quit full size because those cameras are good enough to take private pictures. … continue reading

【When traveling, want to charge some batteries at the same time? 】

Hello, this is ENZZO. First let me tell you. “Don’t worry. I’m working on the body suit and the grip for the RX1R2.”(At very slow pace, though.) -RX1R2 is a huge battery consumption monster! I’ve often hear that RX1R2 consumes a lot of battery so quickly. The first generation of RX1 depletes battery quickly too, … continue reading

Report of CP+ 2016 Feb.25-28

Hello, this is ENZZO. I’ve just been to the CP+ 2016 held at Pacifico, Yokohama, Feb.25-28. I haven’t missed this event for these six years but this is the most exciting year since many camera makers are producing their ambitious works. I was of course thinking to check the Sony RX1R2 and Fuji film X-Pro2, … continue reading

And Then There Will be Fewer Players…

Hello, this is ENZZO. Dear customers, Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Day. Sumsung declared virtual withdrawal from camera business. I assume that they couldn’t succeed in building up their branding in the camera genre and came to lag behind Japanese manufacturers in sensor and image processing engine technology. … continue reading

【The Relationship between Maintenance and Affection】

Hello, this is ENZZO. One of the lenses that I have long been using is “NOKTON CLASSIC 35mmF1.4”, which Cosina made for Bessa and Leica under the brand name of Voigtlander. It was designed in the motif of Summilux 35mmF1.4, first generation lens from Leica and it is a very compact and good lens to … continue reading

Count Down Started? 【PENTAX Brand Full-Size SLR Camera 】

Hello, this is ENZZO. Now we finally got the “oracle” (teaser advertisement) that they will launch the full-size digital SLR camera Next Spring. Well, what I found the most fascinating about it is its URL. The domain, “”, include pentax instead of Richo. Furthermore, even in the article, you can’t find the word “Richo” … continue reading

【Batteries OK in the Jet?】

Hello, this is ENZZO. I often hear that the rules to limit batteries to bring in the aircraft are becoming severe recently. I noticed that people understand about this matter differently; some say, “You can’t bring any batteries into the cabin.” others say “No, no. You can’t just check in the batteries but you can … continue reading

Will BESSA R2A Digital come true?

Hello, this is ENZZO. I have told you before that I had a dream in which I will ask Cosina to make the full-frame digital rangefinder camera based upon BESSA R2A. Now there is a rumor that they will actually make one!!! I have no idea if it is true or not, though. If it’s … continue reading