Will BESSA R2A Digital come true?

Hello, this is ENZZO. I have told you before that I had a dream in which I will ask Cosina to make the full-frame digital rangefinder camera based upon BESSA R2A. Now there is a rumor that they will actually make one!!! I have no idea if it is true or not, though. If it’s … continue reading

Karin or Rosewood?

Hi, this is Mori. I‘ve been hesitating over a thing.  Which wood of 【Display Cleaner 】 I should by? Did I brow my own horn?? You might hear the loud sound・・・ but believe me, I didn’t mention that for PR.  This display cleaner was designed by a product design team TENT.  All wooden materials except walnut … continue reading

Exciting News!!! SONY has just unveiled the RX1R2‼

  Hello, this is ENZZO. SONY has just unveiled the RX1R2 to renew its ultra-premium full-frame compact the Cyber-shot RX1R after three years since its release in November, 2012. And is it only me that the name RX1R2 strikes the name of the character in the world hot movie STAR WARS? I think I don’t … continue reading

Camera lens tumbler

Hi, this is Mori. I found a witty product recently. It’s a tumbler.   Well, yes a camera lens, surely that’s it.  I’m not sure if I wanna drink with this tumbler, but I’m impressed by its clever viewpoint. You can get it on Amazon.co.jp There are many similar mugs on market, so please have … continue reading

iPhone 6S Leather case Development #3

Hello, this is ENZZO. It’s been a little while, how are you guys doing? I told you about the first sample last time. And this time we got a second sample based on a more elaborate wooden mold. The leather we used for the first sample was the Ulysses’s standard Italian “pueblo” leather from BADALASSI … continue reading