We have Decided to Produce ULYSSES Brand Wallet!

Hello, this is ENZZO.

I’ve been messed up in the head recently ( as messy as my desk.)

There are lots of items under the development and I should report how they are going and there are lots of items I’d like to produce, so I even don’t know where to start and what to announce you.

Well, today I’m going to tell you how confused I am now.

【 One of the items that I’m really having trouble deciding whether we make】

-The body suit for the EOS Kiss


I know you go like “what?” or “Now? “After such a long time?”

It’s been three years after its release and they might renew the model any time soon. Moreover, Ulysses hasn’t produced body suit for any single lens reflex cameras so far because we believed it would disturb.

… in other words, there are almost no reasons to make.

However, when we decide and produce something, to tell you the truth, it is basically reflected my private thought or desire. It constantly comes to my mind that I want to make the body suit for the Kiss X7, since I use the camera the most. I dream that it will make the camera look cute, not only it will help better hold.

These are only my wish, though…

【 The one we actually decided to make】

-The L-Zip Wallet

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow you go, “What? Not a camera accessory?”

Yes! We have been thinking of making leather wallet.

We’ve been often told by people who want to find something nice for a present from Ulysses that we should have some items except for camera goods.

This is not only because I was asked to, but we would like to challenge daily goods something different from camera, though, of course, we will keep making camera stuff. We have decided to produce L-Zip Wallet to start with.

Now you can find all types of wallet in the market. Especially, a wide variety of thin or mini wallets have been on sale for three or four years. But I haven’t met the right one yet. There are some reasons for it.

Nowadays, I often hear the word like “minimalism” or “minimalist” and people try not to bring so many things with them. When it comes to wallet, they propose people to have less than four or five cards. However I have to take a driver’s license, insurance card, bank card, Suica… See? It’s already five cards. And I have more cards that I need to bring with me. You know, I have to take with me in case I need them. And it is troublesome to carry a card case separately. I know I some of the member cards are available in the smartphone. I can do something to make them less but there will be a limit.

That’s why I decided to make “thin wallet” which can hold as much as fourteen cards not to mention bills and coins, and put it in a hip pocket easily.

The L-Zip Wallet- it’s not particularly rare but the concept is that you can put a lot in the wallet but you cannot imagine the volume of the contents from appearance. And one thing, since we are the one who make it, the material leather will be the highest.

We can’t tell you when, but I will show you as soon as there will be the first sample.

Bye for now,