Body suit for RICOH GRⅡ in progress

RICOH finally released GRⅡ. I was so curious about its appearances as a member of body suits planning team. Wh … continue reading

【Only in My Fantasy】There is a camera that I really want to make; BESSA R2A Digital!

Hello, this is ENZZO. What’s great about Crowdfunding!!! Recently Lomography has succeeded a huge success in a … continue reading

Give your favorite camera a stylish touch

Hi there, it’s Sato. ULYSSES mainly sells original leather products, but also deals in some camera acces … continue reading

Progression status of the Body Suit for the Leica MP!!!

Hello, this is ENZZO. We are very delighted to let you know that making of the Body Suit for the Leica MP is p … continue reading

New 【SPUTNIK 】now on sale!

Hi, it’s Sato again. Finally we launched a new wrist strap【SPUTNIK】. Yes, it has the same name as the ot … continue reading

“Puffy and rapid” camera case 3

Hi, it’s Sato. I still have some sample making tasks in hand. I am making a soft camera case today.  I w … continue reading

Current price of RX100 series…

Hi, this is Mori. The official announcement of SONY A7RⅡfor Japanese market was relatively quick after it was … continue reading