New 【SPUTNIK 】now on sale!

Hi, it’s Sato again.

Finally we launched a new wrist strap【SPUTNIK】. Yes, it has the same name as the other existing strap. Well, this new model still has the concept to be “a tool to tie your wrist and camera like the earth and satellite” and “your fellow traveler”, however, the change was not done for a face lift. We introduced it with major improvement. The new 【SPUTNIK】is able to hold bigger sized cameras like mirrorless.

The packaging is also switched to a slim brown slider box to match the sleek figure of new 【SPUTNIK】. We hope it adds some special feel;-)


There are 4 colours to choose from; Entract – ash brown, Acero – brown black, Porpora – red black, Lapis – blue black. These leathers are made with elaborate combination of dyes and show distinctive patterns and colours on its surface. For instance, the close-up image below is Acero, the unique characters of leather can be seen. Light and dark coloured areas, random lines and tiny ribbed pattern here and there.


We hope you will enjoy these striking features!