iPhone 6S leather case Development #4

Hi there, it’s Sato.  The final samples of “iPhone6/6s case” is here! This case’s greatest feature is the lumpy side of flip, it helps to hold iPhone more secure. We believed this would become a very attractive and smart case from the beginning, but we didn’t imagine that would be this hard!! Giving these lumps … continue reading

【The Relationship between Maintenance and Affection】

Hello, this is ENZZO. One of the lenses that I have long been using is “NOKTON CLASSIC 35mmF1.4”, which Cosina made for Bessa and Leica under the brand name of Voigtlander. It was designed in the motif of Summilux 35mmF1.4, first generation lens from Leica and it is a very compact and good lens to … continue reading

【Body Suit for Leica M Typ262】

Hi, it’s Mori. I heard Leica added a new camera typ262 to Leica M line-up. It seems a cheap edition… Eh? Cheap?? Although I am prone to focus on the price as a commoner, I think Leica aimed to introduce a cutdown version with enough functions to take good photos. It will surely meet some demands.  … continue reading

【Classico Serpente】 New Colour

Hi, it’s Mori. Ulysses’ leather straps have 5 basic colour variations: Indigo, Olive, Brown, Chocolate, Black. 【Classico Grande】   On the other hand, 【Body Suit】 in 3 colours Chocolate, Black, Navy. 【Body Suit for OM-D E-M5 MarkⅡ】 The navy Body Suits are pretty popular and many customers asked us for the matching pair for straps … continue reading

Count Down Started? 【PENTAX Brand Full-Size SLR Camera 】

Hello, this is ENZZO. Now we finally got the “oracle” (teaser advertisement) that they will launch the full-size digital SLR camera Next Spring. http://www.pentax.com/en/pentaxff/ Well, what I found the most fascinating about it is its URL. The domain, “http://www.pentax.com/”, include pentax instead of Richo. Furthermore, even in the article, you can’t find the word “Richo” … continue reading

We are Also Working on the Body Suit for RX1RII.

Hello, this is ENZZO. I have been keeping you updated the progress of the grip for the RX1RII, while I’m also working on the body suit for it, too. To tell you the truth, the factory that produces ULYSSES’s product for a long time made a prototype themselves before I actually started to work on … continue reading