We are Also Working on the Body Suit for RX1RII.

Hello, this is ENZZO.

I have been keeping you updated the progress of the grip for the RX1RII, while I’m also working on the body suit for it, too.

To tell you the truth, the factory that produces ULYSSES’s product for a long time made a prototype themselves before I actually started to work on it. Of course, since the camera itself hasn’t launched yet, they made it based upon the RX1.


Since we have designed and produced our goods on the concept of “it is better to cover the camera with leather as much as possible to protect the camera”, we sometimes launched the full-covered model which omits the use of the variable angle LCD like the body suit for the α7II and OM-D E-M5II.

However this time, we have decided to make the body suit which you still can use the variable angle LCD when the suit on. So they made the mock in accordance with our intention.

It’s same as the previous model that there is a grip on the left side to have a secure hold of the camera, but the right side is totally open, not covered by leather at all.

It makes sense since the camera doesn’t sell with battery charger unless you buy it and you need to charge the battery using USB.


As you can see, the back of the camera is totally open, too. The suit has a “flip cover” to access the battery compartment, not necessary to remove the body suit every time you want and need to change batteries.

I’m very excited to see how the model will change with a second sample.

Bye now.