Count Down Started? 【PENTAX Brand Full-Size SLR Camera 】

Hello, this is ENZZO.

Now we finally got the “oracle” (teaser advertisement) that they will launch the full-size digital SLR camera Next Spring.


Well, what I found the most fascinating about it is its URL. The domain, “”, include pentax instead of Richo. Furthermore, even in the article, you can’t find the word “Richo” anywhere but only at the end of the site, it’s just added to the bottom as the company logo. It has been a while since Pentax became subsidiary of Richo, I can feel the worm consideration towards pure Pentax fans long before their business integration.

One thing I noticed interesting in the article is the expression of “new full frame format digital SLR camera”. It means, of course, in ordinary thinking, “Pentax will enter the new field of full-sized camera that they have never been”, but I dare to think and wondered the format will be square?” with my mixed feelings of hope. “Is that why the body is also high and square? That’s also why it has a huge roof pentaprism!! And my imagination went on and on…


The picture which seems to be final sample is already published in PhotoPlus 2015, but since the pictures I can find on the web are all are close details of the camera taken by wide lens with smart phones or something and they are so blurred that I can’t get the exact image of the whole camera. It is so frustrating not to have enough information that I want.

Maybe the next chance for us to see it closely is going to be next CP+, next February.

It’s getting colder towards winter now in Japan, but I can’t wait for the warm spring to come already.

See ya.