Current price of RX100 series…

Hi, this is Mori.

The official announcement of SONY A7RⅡfor Japanese market was relatively quick after it was introduced in the USA. A7RII and RX10Ⅱ will be available on the 7th of August. RX100Ⅳ will be on the 31st of July.

α7R II

RX100 IV


I wonder how far the price of old models goes down by this announcement. Yes, I’m a representative of the common people.

I lost no time of checking the prices. At the present moment (18:20, 2015.6.29 Japan time), RX100M3 is 69,897JPY. Ummm…it is still not a friendly price on my wallet. OK, how about RX100M2. It’s 56,995JPY. More than 10,000JPY cheaper! Pretty close! Give me the final price! Then RX100 is… 34,344JPY!

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I kept hitting my personal “Like” button at heart.

I noticed that the 1st RX100 marked a little more than 60,000JPY in the beginning. The latest model is likely to be about 120,000JPY, so double the price. Now I can see why RX100 stays in 1st place on a comparison shopping site. The runner-up was RX100M3 then.

I also checked the price trends of RX100. What happened on 5th of June???


The person who bought it on that day must be a shopping genius.