Karin or Rosewood?

Hi, this is Mori.

I‘ve been hesitating over a thing.  Which wood of 【Display Cleaner 】 I should by?

Did I brow my own horn?? You might hear the loud sound・・・ but believe me, I didn’t mention that for PR.  This display cleaner was designed by a product design team TENT.  All wooden materials except walnut are exclusive for ULYSSES customers, so we sell only limited numbers of products for each edition.


Karin wood and Rosewood which I am interested in are more pricy than the others since manufacturing costs are pretty high.  Walnut display cleaner is being sold for \3,000 and rosewood is \5,500 ex. tax.  It seems expensive, but I am sure the both cleaners are worth the price. The textures of both woods are brilliant and I can feel the heaviness of the solid wood. I like it! I noticed a customer who purchased Karin today and I cried out inside “Nice choice!!”

(right: Karin, left: Rosewood)



As you may noticed, Rosewood is used for ULYSSES’s other product 【minimo】 and it is very popular. This cleaner has wide area to show the charm of wood grain, so it’s a kind of better for wood lover.  I want to buy one for myself because I know it is a good buy and durable item, but still cannot decide between Karin and Rosewood… From the point of its price, they don’t sell like minimo, so we won’t order them repeatedly. I will try not to miss a chance to buy and check the number of stock frequently as a stock controller of ULYSSES.  Please keep in mind, this didn’t mean for PR 😉