【Sigma 30mmF1.4 DC HSM Art impression 】

Hello, this is ENZZO.

The camera which I usually use at work (to take pictures of our products) is PENTAX and I have been using it for the long time. While, the single-lens reflex camera I always carry is EOS X7, not K-5. Both have APS-C size sensor but the size and their weights are completely different to put in the same category. When it comes to mobility, the K-5 never beats the KiSS X7.

The question is what kind of lens I should attach to my favorite EOS Kiss X7 when I go photo shooting. The genuine EF40mmF2.8 STM and the EF-S24mmF2.8 STM are okey of course; they are light and thin. But their maximum aperture is rather dark for a single focus lens and I want a little bit more.


Therefore, I recently use sigma 30mmF1.4 DC HSM Art most of the time. Although small-sized EOS Kiss X7 becomes pretty big when completely with the hood, I think it is still fairly compact, considering that it is the F1 .4 large aperture lens.

The lens, which is equivalent to 48 mm full size conversion, is very useful since I can use the camera like the way when I attach 50mm lens to the full size. To tell you the truth, I wanted its previous model SIGMA 30mmF1.4 EX DC HSM, but I’ve heard that its description has peculiar ways as well as its focus accuracy differs substantially between individuals, and I wasn’t fully satisfied with the resolution when maximum aperture. So, I waited patiently for the new one to come.


Now I got it and this time, I tried the 30mmF1.4 DC HSM Art to see how the standard lens which Sigma made only for the APS-C size camera depicts the image.


(EOS Kiss X7 SIGMA 30mmF1.4 DC HSM Art ISO400 1/800 F1.4)

0410-004(EOS Kiss X7 SIGMA 30mmF1.4 DC HSM Art ISO400 1/400 F1.4)


(EOS Kiss X7 SIGMA 30mmF1.4 DC HSM Art ISO400 1/50 F2)


(EOS Kiss X7 SIGMA 30mmF1.4 DC HSM Art ISO400 1/160 F1.4)


(EOS Kiss X7 SIGMA 30mmF1.4 DC HSM Art ISO100 1/800 F1.4)


(EOS Kiss X7 SIGMA 30mmF1.4 DC HSM Art ISO200 1/400 F2)


(EOS Kiss X7 SIGMA 30mmF1.4 DC HSM Art ISO100 1/4000 F1.8)


(EOS Kiss X7 SIGMA 30mmF1.4 DC HSM Art ISO100 1/25 F1.4)


(EOS Kiss X7 SIGMA 30mmF1.4 DC HSM Art ISO100 1/10 F1.4)

Did you find them fascinating?

Sigma 30mmF1.4 DC HSM Art is no exception to the Sigma’s ART line, the part you get the right focus is so sharp. I won’t be surprised anymore. The lens is the one you can rely on under the severe condition. You can get the perfect image even when facing the light.

Just one thing I noticed is that rather loud purple or green fringes appeared when I took a picture of branches over bright background. These fringes stood out too much, so you have to be careful when you shoot under the same kind of situations; even though, these fringes less likely appeared when you close the f stop.


(EOS Kiss X7 SIGMA 30mmF1.4 DC HSM Art ISO100 1/800 F1.4)


In fact, I got a bunch of camera shake and out-of-focus shots. The picture of the night stall is blurry, too. (TAT)

The cause of the camera shake was that I did not put up ISO sensitivity to keep noise low. And the reason many of them were out of focus is because AF of EOS Kiss X7 became suddenly useless after dark.

To be more precise, I pressed the shutter when the focusing mark appeared, but the truth is, that focus did not really match. It can’t be helped since this is the entry model and I don’t expect to get the exact focus point for the first place. But even so it’s a great shame that its AF is not correct enough at the night time.


(EOS Kiss X7 SIGMA 30mmF1.4 DC HSM Art ISO100 1/80 F1.8)

(This is the example of the picture which it focused on nowhere. I intended to focus on the light of the building; however I found it very disappointed to see the pic on the PC later…

Now as a countermeasure against camera shake, there is a choice to get “SP 35mm F1 .8 Di VC USD” from TAMRON, which has camera shake correction. When I attach the lens to the Kiss X7, it becomes 56mm full size conversion; it’s going to be whether I feel the angle too tight or not.

Well, anyway, this is one of which I want to try someday.

Best Wishes,