The Grip for the RX1RII Development Report #2

Hello, this is ENZZO.


I have been working on the plan, which popped up suddenly, to make an ideal grip for RX1R2. This is the second progress report. Last time I wrote and showed the picture that I put some clay on the RX1 and squeezed the clay, not thinking too much, just hold the grip freely as I feel the best angle to press the shutter.

The next step is to scrape extra clay from this dumpling like lump of clay, but how I decide “excess” part is rather difficult.


Generally, the biggest fault of the grip with finger groove is that it is nothing but hindrance when it doesn’t fit to your hand. So, I decided to think what is the “perfect grip”, which fits everybody regardless of the person’s hand size or how to hold the grip.2015-11-12-3

Individual difference on how to grip is actually related to the length of the index finger. As the position of the shutter button is fixed, the person with short fingers has to fit the hand tight with the grip to reach the button; you come to hold the grip from oblique angle inevitably, so that your index finger reaches the button with the shortest distance.


On the other hand, for the person with bigger palm and longer fingers, their fingers are in excess on the small grip; so when they want to fit their hand with side the grip and hold it tight with their fingers, they naturally shift their hand backwards of the camera.


When you hold the heavy single-lens reflex camera, you can obviously tell that the important finger to grip the camera is only one: “the middle finger”. As you can see from this picture, the camera won’t fall when the middle finger catches tightly even if a thumb and the index finger are off. To tell you how the other side of the camera is…


The base of the thumb joint bites into the camera’s corner; the camera is supported mainly with two points of joint of the middle finger and a thumb, and a remaining fingers play supplementary role.

After these things considered, I came to the conclusion: “the most important thing is that the middle finger functions as a fulcrum accurately irrespective of the size of the hand.”: “Whoever holds the grip, the middle finger passed through almost the same place.” So I decided to leave the dent the middle finger made and scrape the clay off the dent the ring and the little finger made.


Now here I have to wait to leave and dry the clay for about two days.

It’s a long way forward!! See you.