【Mass Production】___I think it’s good.

Hello, this is ENZZO.

Ulysses often gets inquiry from our customers like these:

“I want you to make me a longer strap especially for me….”

“Could you make me a body suit for … camera as a special order?”

“Can’t you customize this part of the product to …?”


We can’t meet those individual requests like above, since we don’t have our own factory or atelier to produce our goods, we have to order in the contracted factories spreaded in Japan. In other words, all of our products are mass produced. (The production rot size is not so big, though…)

I know you go like, “You can just change the length SLIGHTLY.” However we just can’t do that SLIGHTLY thing, though we feel terribly sorry for that.

On the other hand, after seven years since Ulysses has opened, we continuously get those requests because Ulysses seems to be a small atelier for our customer, which is a grateful thing to us to know.

One of the things that we always have in mind when we make our product, there is a theme that we want something back or “to regain what we have lost in the mass-production era”. It may sounds a little antithetical against mass production, but a little different.

I think mass production is good; when you mass produce something, there are always customers who want that product and it means the product makes a lot of people happy. If you can mass produce something constantly, it itself is a great thing ___the same thing goes for fast fashion or fast food.


Of course, there must be much small details which couldn’t help being given up when mass produced…things like hand-made warmth, delicate materials and feelings of the texture and so on.

We, Ulysses, always keep in mind to try to maintain and mass produce our goods packed with what our customers want without giving up “elements that goes against efficiency” to the upmost by taking every measure.

 Ulysses makes product by such stance.

So if we seem to be “a small atelier which seems to respond to their requests”, we think it means our products maintain the warmth of handwork and not being concerned with mass-production, which makes us so happy while on the other hand we are terribly sorry for not being able to meet our individual customers’ demand. We’d like to keep “mass production which takes time and effort dauntingly” with those factories and skillful craftsmen.

Best wishes.