Body Suit for Leica M(M-P) Typ240/Typ246 is now on sale!

To LEICA fans, thanks for waiting!

This new body suit is not exactly the same as the Leica M’s of course. The camera body of Leica M-P has a modest look without that red badge, but not only the logo and design, more importantly for many people, the Leica M-P resurrects the front-deck frame selection lever which the earlier Leica M9 had. We added another opening on camera case front, so it’s hassle free for lever control.


The leather forming technique, Shibori, is again used for the case grip which greatly improves the handling of heavy LEICA. I have tiny hands, so usually get very nervous to hold these heavy (and expensive) cameras. This leather case gives me a good support and I can feel more comfortable to handle them! No worries boss, I am always careful to use these cameras anyway 😉

The back of the camera case has no change from previous one as Leica M-P and M. It covers the camera body as much as possible aiming for complete perfection.


Black and Chocolate are available in colours this time. Please go and check our new face!
【Body Suit for M-P Typ240 & Monochrome Typ246】