Bottle holder project

Hi there, it’s Sato.  I have been working on a side pocket design which can take a water bottle, but it seems to be impossible to complete because of many restrictions, the bag size and material etc.. After trying a variety of shapes and constructions, we decided to shift this idea to optional bottle holder that is separated from bag. I show you a rough sample of this holder. The tube shaped holder is closed by a pair of fat Velcro in front at the moment, but the design of this sample needs some changes to be refined. I will sew more samples to make it better!


Meanwhile, something unexpected happened. A bottle of water for sample making was missing…Ah, my boss Enzo drunk it impulsively. (Just as I though…) Yes boss, I know air is very dry and it would happen to anyone here;-)

The design meeting went on for a while without bottle. Then suddenly, we heard the loud patter of footsteps, and he rushed to a convenience store to get new bottled water. Wow, so nimble! He must have felt some kind of urge for creation.

A few minutes later,
“I went up to 10th floor by momentum.” Boss said panting heavily.
Well, our office is on 7th floor… Anyway, at Ulysses, we are all working with passion for creation!