Hooray!!! We have decided to make the body suit for Leica MP!!!

This is ENZZO, president of ULYSSES.

Ulysses has rolled out the body suit for Leica M 240 but you can’t use it for Leica MP since the camera has the frame select lever which wasn’t in M 240.

20150523ライカ781df9ba9cd188cf1b9ef5ea08008ff9      (The red arrow)


Since the MP has released, we got a bunch of requests to make the body suit for it.

But!!! To make the body suit means we need to get one. It costs a lot to develop a product especially when the camera itself is costly. And we have to make the completely different metal mold for each model.20150523ライカ2IMG_8972

Now we have decided to make it, we will make a good one. 

We’ll keep you up to date of further development.

Please look forward to it.

See ya.