New colour debut, Body Suit for Sony RX1

Hi, it’s Mori.

Did you hear a sad new from Sony? They have postponed the release of RX1RⅡ. There are arguments both for and against the release because of its high price, but I was surprised and let down by this news of Sony’s long-awaited camera which has full of cutting-edge technologies.  We were waiting impatiently for this camera and have already started to design a new Body Suit, so feeling like it dodged somewhere. Having said that, there must be a critical issue that they even can’t reschedule. I sympathise with Sony staffs who are struggling to solve the problem…


While we’re anxiously waiting, we decided to add a new colour (Navy) to【Body Suit for SONY RX1】, modestly. RX1 Body Suit is a long-selling camera case and finally the popular navy edition joined its colour selection.

blog20151221a blog20151221b

The perfect match is our leather strap 【Classico】;-)