【PUNTO】Leather Book Case for iPhone6&6s Debut!!!

Hello, this is ENZZO.

I’m very happy to announce our leather book case iPhone6&6s, “PUNTO”, which we’ve been working on it since last August. (It took us half a long year for this!!!)

PUNTO means a ‘dot’ in Italian. Thirteen round prominence will create comfortable and best suited grip for everyone.


Why not put prominence to hook and have secure hold!!!

I confess that I thought “I’ve been making very complicated structure body case for cameras; it’s gonna be a piece of cake to make a simple, small iPhone case.”

That was a big mistake!!!

I struggled; what kind of design would be best for the comfortable use; how could it avoid being a case with only a good material.

It was all the more difficult because it was small; the space is limited that can be used.


Now PUNTO comes in two types: one for the right hand use and one for the left. It’s not one for the right-handed and the other left-handed. Because right-handed person may not always holds phone with their right hand. Vice versa.201601183image-004

So I think it’s best to choose the one match to your style.

See ya.