Yes, “Like” to 【Body suit for GRⅡ】

Hi there, it’s Sato.

Digital camera review and news website, DigiCame Watch introduced our 【Body suit for GRⅡ】and【Classico Serpente】in the article of “Digital camera dress-up ism”.

The serialized articles on this website by Tetsu Sawamura are always gripping. This time he shows us the mix match coordination of ULYSSES’ navy camera case and brown neck strap. They look stunning!


[Dress-up for de-miniaturized GR]


【Body suit for GRⅡ】is my personal favourite, so I want many people to look at these pretty photos. I am happy to see them and almost feel like his (?) auntie. You can see the other camera case maker, Recoil’s product in the article as well. Their case has a spicy and masculine look which is pretty different from ULYSSES. The same camera GRⅡ can show interesting style changes depending on the accessories!

Please check them out and get some ideas of dress-up for your beloved camera:)