The Body Suit for the RX1R2 Just Rolled Out!

Hello, this is ENZZO.

Thank you for waiting for a long time. We have just started to release the RX2R2 body suit.


The standard colors of the body suit in Ulysses are “Chocolate, Navy and Black”. However it comes in four colors this time and “Brown” comes back after long while. Actually the aging of Brown is my favorite among the Pueblo leather. It’s bright brown at first when you purchase it, but as you use, it will turn into reddish nut brown steadily. I think it the most leather like color.

Since the monitor of the first RX1 was not movable, we could make the full cover type body suit for the RX1. It means in other words, that the case is easy to hold the shape. But this time RX1R has a movable monitor, so we had to design the body suit whose back is open widely. The biggest task was how to make the case strong enough to maintain its shape; since the grip part easily gets twisted back and forth unless we do something. (Some foreign makers dig out the basement with metal…)


So, I looked at the camera quite a long time and got a great idea; to use the “triangle ring”, not only strengthen the case by sandwiching the aluminum board as always. The camera has “triangle ring” when you purchase it, and we decided to use it to connect the grip part and the camera more securely. By running the bridge around the “triangle ring” from the side of the case to the front part, the strength to tie the case and the camera improves dramatically. Of course it’s designed to keep the strength without the “triangle ring”, but it’s strongly recommended using the case with the “triangle ring” on even when you don’t use a strap.

So again the path to release the body suit for the RX1R2 was not an easy one, but we are happy to present the case with this simple fact in mind— RX1R2 is the camera, one of Sony’s best and this is the case to use the camera on a daily basis.

I almost forgot! And one more thing to tell you.

The body suit for X-Pro2 which is under progress together came to the final stage and coming soon!

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The color of the leather is called “Grigio” in Italian. At first, it’s kind of gray as you see in this picture, it will turn into greenish dark gray as you use. It will not long before the release. We are trying hard to make the case better, so please be patient until it is released.

Bye for now,