Bag-in-Case for the RX1R2

Hello, this is ENZZO.

How did you all spend Mother’s Day this year?

Did you do something nice to your mother?

I took my mother, who is turning to be 84 years old this year, to a nice fancy (expensive) restaurant. And there, she told me that aliens do exist and it is sure because it was on TV. She was very serious and continued that I should have known those stuff since I run a business.

I was at a loss what to say to her. This is how I spent the day.

Well, today, I want to report how the project of making Bag-in-Case for the RX1R2 is going.


Since last time I wrote about “Sacco”, our leather bag in case for the RX1R2, we have received a lot of positive response. I’m very pleased with them, tough, I got flustered to know that I forgot to check how it looks with a camera attached to a strap. I tried many different kinds of cameras to put in the bag, and they are okey but it was okey when they are without straps. Right now, I’m checking the size of the bag to put camera with a strap.

Well, I want to tell you that “Sacco” has a device, something hidden.


Do you know what it is? I’m ashamed to show the object that is not completely finished.


This is not a residence on the Planet Tatooine. Just to make sure.

It’s actually a stand to place the camera upright in the bag.


In this way the steps support the camera stand in the bag in a state with its grip to the top so that you can grip the camera and take it out quickly whenever you want to take a shot.


In addition, we are considering a little tiny level difference of the side of camera and eyelet. It is being developing with care and in minute detail.


Moreover, I want to make the best use of the space; space in the stand to support camera tube. It is designed to store spare battery in. You can put two RX1R2 batteries and if other battery, other than RX1R2, you can store one.

It takes so slow to develop this bag since I’m thinking meticulously those gimmick to make it better and the vegetable tanned material leather hasn’t even left Italy. However, we are aiming to make a good one. It’s like taking time to cook delicious fond de veau stew.

So please wait for a little while.