Partitions for CICLISSIMO

  Last week we started selling 【Partitions for CICLISSIMO】 Our messenger style camera bag CICLISSIMO comes with removable inserts (set of 3 sizes) from the beginning. You can arrange the bag storage for camera bodies and lenses by using these inserts as soon as you get CICLISSIMO. However, we noticed that to sell the partitions … continue reading

Hooray!!! We have decided to make the body suit for Leica MP!!!

This is ENZZO, president of ULYSSES. Ulysses has rolled out the body suit for Leica M 240 but you can’t use it for Leica MP since the camera has the frame select lever which wasn’t in M 240.       (The red arrow)   Since the MP has released, we got a bunch of requests to make … continue reading

Canon Photo Contest

Hello. This is Mori from Ulysses. I know this is the out of blue, but have you ever submitted photo contests? I didn’t have a chance to try it before, but a big event called “The 49th Canon Photo Contest” started from early this month. I’m a little attracted this time…by its prize and prize … continue reading

The Canon’s best buy lens EF 50mmF1.8II will be renewed for the first time in 25 years to EF 50mmF1.8 STM!!!

Hello! Nice to meet you. This is ENZZO, president of ULYSSES. Welcome to my blog. Now I want to tell you what I find interesting and how we, ULYSSES makes our product, here in this blog. Hope that you enjoy reading and share your thoughts. Canon will remodel “EF50mmF1.8II” to “EF 50mmF1.8 STM” for the … continue reading