Profound technique of leather craft

Quiz: what’s the object below?


②choc mould
③leather prototype

Right answer! Of course ③. It was done by a craftsman who makes camera cases for ULYSSES. I guess some of you already know, this shape was produced by the shaping process called “shibori (wet leather moulding)”. To fix the leather into this shape, usually they wet it in water, and then add pressure and heat by machine at their factory. We want to retain the futures of Pueblo leather like rough surface and tiny scratches even after this processing.  The image above is a sample sent from the craftsman who understands our intention very well and repeated many tests to achieve the best result. Leather happens to be torn if it is stretched too much and high temperature makes its colour very dark, but that sample was beautifully done.

He also made some samples in the different colours, navy and black.


These 2 colours are regular colour choices for ULYSSES products. We could check temperature of heat, colour change and many more conditions by these samples. What kind of product will it be in the end?
Well, wait and see please—-!