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New 【SPUTNIK 】now on sale!

Hi, it’s Sato again. Finally we launched a new wrist strap【SPUTNIK】. Yes, it has the same name as the other existing strap. Well, this new model still has the concept to be “a tool to tie your wrist and camera like the earth and satellite” and “your fellow traveler”, however, the change was not done … continue reading

“Puffy and rapid” camera case 3

Hi, it’s Sato. I still have some sample making tasks in hand. I am making a soft camera case today.  I was using some left over leathers for the previous samples, but this time the sample is done with the same leather as 【CUSCINO】leather camera case. voila! The impression has changed dramatically. I again realised … continue reading

“Puffy and rapid” camera case : 2

Hi it’s Sato. I’ve been working on a soft camera case. We already have【Cuscino】leather camera case on sale, but this new project is to make a soft case in a bigger size. So to speak a brother of 【Cuscino】. Of course, we are ULYSSES, it’s not a simple size up. Square box shaped case doesn’t … continue reading

Happy to announce the release of the SONYα7ⅡBody Suit!!!

Hello, this is ENZZO. Sorry for keeping you waiting for so long!!! But finally we have rolled out the Open Typeα7Ⅱ Body Suit!!! It’s been a while since we have started to develop the body suit and it has been a hard time giving birth to this one, too, as always. There are two types … continue reading

A brand-new item is almost ready for release!

It’s a wrist strap. We haven’t given it a name yet, but well fitted to wrist and size adjustable, very handy strap for sure!  If I compare to the other ULYSSES products, SPUTNIK should be the closest friend. It’s before our quality test, but we have high hope that it will do well in the … continue reading

Body suit for SONY a7Ⅱ (Open Type) will be ready soon!

Hi, I’m Sato, designing member. Some might have worried that ULYSSES gave up making a open type body suit for SONY a7Ⅱ, but finally we are starting to sell it this month! Sorry we kept you waiting so long. As we planned at the beginning, the body suit fulfills all the ambitious conditions.   While … continue reading

Looking back ULYSSES products…

Our ring strap 【minimo】 has 3 different wooden types: rosewood, sawo, hard maple with a various colour of strings: dark brown, moss green, red, wild berry for standard colours, valencia etc. for special colours. To recall the past, minimo was even more colourful before. http://www.ulysses-photo.com/phone/product/20   About 2 years ago, we tried some limited colours. … continue reading

Partitions for CICLISSIMO

  Last week we started selling 【Partitions for CICLISSIMO】 Our messenger style camera bag CICLISSIMO comes with removable inserts (set of 3 sizes) from the beginning. You can arrange the bag storage for camera bodies and lenses by using these inserts as soon as you get CICLISSIMO. However, we noticed that to sell the partitions … continue reading

Hooray!!! We have decided to make the body suit for Leica MP!!!

This is ENZZO, president of ULYSSES. Ulysses has rolled out the body suit for Leica M 240 but you can’t use it for Leica MP since the camera has the frame select lever which wasn’t in M 240.       (The red arrow)   Since the MP has released, we got a bunch of requests to make … continue reading