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Some new items debuted on our English web shop this month. Have you checked them yet? 【CUBISMO】 http://www.ulysses-photo.com/product/40 【Body Suit for RICOH GRⅡ/GR】 http://www.ulysses-photo.com/product/41 I always get excited to see new products on our shopping pages. As a member of ULYSSES, I’m happy with the sense on fulfillment:)  On the other hand, I get nervous … continue reading

The Grip for the RX1RII Development Report #3

Hello, this is ENZZO. Now the clay dried, I began to shave and shape the clay into the more exact figure of the grip.I shave, grasp, shave, and then again grasp and again shave… I repeated the work. After about an hour, I could see the rough model and put it on the RX1. This … continue reading

【CUBISUMO】 on sale!

Hi there, it’s Sato. There were a few posts about a new camera case development before, and finally, we introduced that case on our English web shopping page. The name is 【CUBISMO】. It debuted as a brother-like product of popular camera case 【CUSCINO】. Its smooth touch of leather and soft cushiness are outstanding and it … continue reading

The Grip for the RX1RII Development Report #2

Hello, this is ENZZO. I have been working on the plan, which popped up suddenly, to make an ideal grip for RX1R2. This is the second progress report. Last time I wrote and showed the picture that I put some clay on the RX1 and squeezed the clay, not thinking too much, just hold the … continue reading

The Grip for the RX1RII Development Report #1

Hello, this is ENZZO. It has been a while since the RX1RII was announced to release overseas and I can’t stop wondering when it is going to be on the market. Well, the best selling body suit in Ulysses is for the RX1. (And it is still constantly selling.) To think that it has been … continue reading

Bottle holder project

Hi there, it’s Sato.  I have been working on a side pocket design which can take a water bottle, but it seems to be impossible to complete because of many restrictions, the bag size and material etc.. After trying a variety of shapes and constructions, we decided to shift this idea to optional bottle holder … continue reading

【Batteries OK in the Jet?】

Hello, this is ENZZO. I often hear that the rules to limit batteries to bring in the aircraft are becoming severe recently. I noticed that people understand about this matter differently; some say, “You can’t bring any batteries into the cabin.” others say “No, no. You can’t just check in the batteries but you can … continue reading

Will BESSA R2A Digital come true?

Hello, this is ENZZO. I have told you before that I had a dream in which I will ask Cosina to make the full-frame digital rangefinder camera based upon BESSA R2A. Now there is a rumor that they will actually make one!!! I have no idea if it is true or not, though. If it’s … continue reading

Karin or Rosewood?

Hi, this is Mori. I‘ve been hesitating over a thing.  Which wood of 【Display Cleaner 】 I should by? Did I brow my own horn?? You might hear the loud sound・・・ but believe me, I didn’t mention that for PR.  This display cleaner was designed by a product design team TENT.  All wooden materials except walnut … continue reading

Exciting News!!! SONY has just unveiled the RX1R2‼

  Hello, this is ENZZO. SONY has just unveiled the RX1R2 to renew its ultra-premium full-frame compact the Cyber-shot RX1R after three years since its release in November, 2012. And is it only me that the name RX1R2 strikes the name of the character in the world hot movie STAR WARS? I think I don’t … continue reading