Camera case 【Sacco】 in production

It will appear on ULYSSES webshop very soon! I started to design this for SONY RX1R2 at first, but after many modifications it eventually got a bit larger. The final piece can take like Olympus PEN-F and OM-D EM5 MK2 together with neck strap wrap around their body.


We will sell an optional buttery case too which is specially designed for 【Sacco】.

bln-11 It stays perfectly at the bottom of this bag and holds a big size buttery, for instance Olympus BLN-1. If you a user of a big energy eater RX1RⅡ, you can even store 2 Sony NP-BX1 batteries;) This case also helps camera, normally irregular shaped big block, to sit straight in the bag. Very hard working chap indeed!

【Sacco】will come in 3 colours: Dark brown leather, light brown leather, light brown leather + grey canvas.





*This image above has a slight difference from the actual final product.



(by Sato)

Special limited edition Body suits for SONY STORE

Celebrating SONY STORE Fukuoka Tenjin opening, ULYSSES created 2 limited edition Camera Body Suits for their popular cameras, α7Ⅱ and RX1RⅡ. Both of these camera cases are made of our iconic Pueblo leather with some original twists as light grey stitching and beautiful “ZEISS blue” lining. It’s pretty interesting to see how small details change the impression of the product.


These are only sold at SONY STORE.

We have Decided to Produce ULYSSES Brand Wallet!

Hello, this is ENZZO.

I’ve been messed up in the head recently ( as messy as my desk.)

There are lots of items under the development and I should report how they are going and there are lots of items I’d like to produce, so I even don’t know where to start and what to announce you.

Well, today I’m going to tell you how confused I am now.

【 One of the items that I’m really having trouble deciding whether we make】

-The body suit for the EOS Kiss


I know you go like “what?” or “Now? “After such a long time?”

It’s been three years after its release and they might renew the model any time soon. Moreover, Ulysses hasn’t produced body suit for any single lens reflex cameras so far because we believed it would disturb.

… in other words, there are almost no reasons to make.

However, when we decide and produce something, to tell you the truth, it is basically reflected my private thought or desire. It constantly comes to my mind that I want to make the body suit for the Kiss X7, since I use the camera the most. I dream that it will make the camera look cute, not only it will help better hold.

These are only my wish, though…

【 The one we actually decided to make】

-The L-Zip Wallet

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow you go, “What? Not a camera accessory?”

Yes! We have been thinking of making leather wallet.

We’ve been often told by people who want to find something nice for a present from Ulysses that we should have some items except for camera goods.

This is not only because I was asked to, but we would like to challenge daily goods something different from camera, though, of course, we will keep making camera stuff. We have decided to produce L-Zip Wallet to start with.

Now you can find all types of wallet in the market. Especially, a wide variety of thin or mini wallets have been on sale for three or four years. But I haven’t met the right one yet. There are some reasons for it.

Nowadays, I often hear the word like “minimalism” or “minimalist” and people try not to bring so many things with them. When it comes to wallet, they propose people to have less than four or five cards. However I have to take a driver’s license, insurance card, bank card, Suica… See? It’s already five cards. And I have more cards that I need to bring with me. You know, I have to take with me in case I need them. And it is troublesome to carry a card case separately. I know I some of the member cards are available in the smartphone. I can do something to make them less but there will be a limit.

That’s why I decided to make “thin wallet” which can hold as much as fourteen cards not to mention bills and coins, and put it in a hip pocket easily.

The L-Zip Wallet- it’s not particularly rare but the concept is that you can put a lot in the wallet but you cannot imagine the volume of the contents from appearance. And one thing, since we are the one who make it, the material leather will be the highest.

We can’t tell you when, but I will show you as soon as there will be the first sample.

Bye for now,


Recommend!! How to Bind Your Strap around Your Wrist.

Hello, this is ENZZO.

At Ulysses, we sell Leather Wrist Strap ARCIERE, which you wind it around your wrist and make it possible the camera like extension of your hand. I use this most.


I use this strap most because I hold my camera when I use it, and I put it in my bag when I don’t. So, sometimes find it annoying every time when I want to use both of my hands only for an instant, I need to put my camera in my bag, while walking and shooting.

In this case, it’s more convenient to use a common shoulder strap in different ways depending on the situation; “slung around your neck”, “slung across your shoulder” or “binding around your wrist”.

And here, it may puzzle you a little. How you can bind the long strap around your wrist.

Many people often ask me. So, I would like to introduce it to you today.


[1] Hold your camera and put the strap on your right hand. In other word you don’t put your arm though the loop of the strap.


[2] Loop the rest of the strap around your wrist to a counter-clockwise direction.


[3] Bind around your wrist.


[4] Move the neck part of the strap forward and hold it between your right third and little finger.


[5] Looks like this is you see it from the front.


[6] Your camera won’t fall even if you open your hand suddenly.

The best length of the strap to wind it around your camera like this is 90cm. When it is longer, you need to adjust it by holding the end of the strap between your index and middle finger or loop the strap around your wrist more times. And one more thing, the thinner the strap, the easier to do this.

Well anyway, this is very easy and convenient. Once you remember how, you can do it in three seconds. So, why not try!



New Release FUJIFILM X-Pro2 Body Suit!!!

Hello, this is ENZZO.

We have just rolled out the Body Suit for the Fujifilm X-Pro2.


For the material, the Pueblo leather from Italian tanner BADALASSI CARLO is used as always, but this time, we have a new color line up for the body suit; Grigio. It is kind of Gray, but it is one of the leather, along with Navy, that ‘aging’ occurs quickly– the leather will change to a deeper color and become throatier as you use it. Grigio will change its color from Greenish-gray to eventually become between very dark Brown and dark green. It’s a very special aging which I’m sure you can enjoy.


On the other hand I personally think the best match to the X-Pro2 is “black.” In conformity to the X-Pro2’s masculine appearance, such as its dignified size, square body shape and black body, I think the black leather goes well to make the camera look stoic and tough.


By the way, it’s a very little thing though; there is a small change from the last prototype.


↑FROM this TO↓


The position of the coring of the focus mode lever is moved to lower right. Since the lever moves only 60 degrees, it is easier to operate the lever when there is a small space to put your finger opposite of the S/C/M index. It’s a small thing but functionality is ULYSSES’S up most concern.

Well, this camera is great as the base body to attach lenses made by other companies via a mount adapter, but of course, you can use genuine M mount adapter. So please don’t worry.

Bye for now,


The Body Suit for the RX1R2 Just Rolled Out!

Hello, this is ENZZO.

Thank you for waiting for a long time. We have just started to release the RX2R2 body suit.


The standard colors of the body suit in Ulysses are “Chocolate, Navy and Black”. However it comes in four colors this time and “Brown” comes back after long while. Actually the aging of Brown is my favorite among the Pueblo leather. It’s bright brown at first when you purchase it, but as you use, it will turn into reddish nut brown steadily. I think it the most leather like color.

Since the monitor of the first RX1 was not movable, we could make the full cover type body suit for the RX1. It means in other words, that the case is easy to hold the shape. But this time RX1R has a movable monitor, so we had to design the body suit whose back is open widely. The biggest task was how to make the case strong enough to maintain its shape; since the grip part easily gets twisted back and forth unless we do something. (Some foreign makers dig out the basement with metal…)


So, I looked at the camera quite a long time and got a great idea; to use the “triangle ring”, not only strengthen the case by sandwiching the aluminum board as always. The camera has “triangle ring” when you purchase it, and we decided to use it to connect the grip part and the camera more securely. By running the bridge around the “triangle ring” from the side of the case to the front part, the strength to tie the case and the camera improves dramatically. Of course it’s designed to keep the strength without the “triangle ring”, but it’s strongly recommended using the case with the “triangle ring” on even when you don’t use a strap.

So again the path to release the body suit for the RX1R2 was not an easy one, but we are happy to present the case with this simple fact in mind— RX1R2 is the camera, one of Sony’s best and this is the case to use the camera on a daily basis.

I almost forgot! And one more thing to tell you.

The body suit for X-Pro2 which is under progress together came to the final stage and coming soon!

63 64 65

The color of the leather is called “Grigio” in Italian. At first, it’s kind of gray as you see in this picture, it will turn into greenish dark gray as you use. It will not long before the release. We are trying hard to make the case better, so please be patient until it is released.

Bye for now,


Bag-in-Case for the RX1R2

Hello, this is ENZZO.

How did you all spend Mother’s Day this year?

Did you do something nice to your mother?

I took my mother, who is turning to be 84 years old this year, to a nice fancy (expensive) restaurant. And there, she told me that aliens do exist and it is sure because it was on TV. She was very serious and continued that I should have known those stuff since I run a business.

I was at a loss what to say to her. This is how I spent the day.

Well, today, I want to report how the project of making Bag-in-Case for the RX1R2 is going.


Since last time I wrote about “Sacco”, our leather bag in case for the RX1R2, we have received a lot of positive response. I’m very pleased with them, tough, I got flustered to know that I forgot to check how it looks with a camera attached to a strap. I tried many different kinds of cameras to put in the bag, and they are okey but it was okey when they are without straps. Right now, I’m checking the size of the bag to put camera with a strap.

Well, I want to tell you that “Sacco” has a device, something hidden.


Do you know what it is? I’m ashamed to show the object that is not completely finished.


This is not a residence on the Planet Tatooine. Just to make sure.

It’s actually a stand to place the camera upright in the bag.


In this way the steps support the camera stand in the bag in a state with its grip to the top so that you can grip the camera and take it out quickly whenever you want to take a shot.


In addition, we are considering a little tiny level difference of the side of camera and eyelet. It is being developing with care and in minute detail.


Moreover, I want to make the best use of the space; space in the stand to support camera tube. It is designed to store spare battery in. You can put two RX1R2 batteries and if other battery, other than RX1R2, you can store one.

It takes so slow to develop this bag since I’m thinking meticulously those gimmick to make it better and the vegetable tanned material leather hasn’t even left Italy. However, we are aiming to make a good one. It’s like taking time to cook delicious fond de veau stew.

So please wait for a little while.



Bag-in-Case for the RX1R2.

Hello, this is ENZZO.

I did mid-air somersault by bicycle and have an acute pain now.


Last year, I became a supporter of one project, standing upright bicycle on the American crowdfunding site, “Kickstarter”. While after I got the reword, the “Halfbike”, I didn’t have time to assemble it and left it on the box. But finally, -we have week-long holidays, called “Golden Week” in Japan in early May- I opened the box and assembled it.

I was going to cut wind and ride the bicycle like this picture.


However only one minute after I tried, I did mid-air somersault forward and smashed my face on the street and bled from the chin. I ruined my favorite shirt and I still have a pain in the left knee where I crushed on the ground and cannot walk well right now even one week after the accident… I’m regretted to have tried to be a young man.

Well, it’s not what I want to tell you today.

We are making the bag-in-case for the RX1R2. Still it will take some time before the completion but it’s surely advancing.


In fact, the name of the bag has been decided; “Sacco”, meaning “bag” in Italian. We are making “Sacco” into an image of a leather pouch.


The concept is a casual bag, but which is not a camera bag, to put RX1. Aiming not to be too practical but to be a shape which you will have a special attachment to it. It fits the RX1 with a hood.


Well, you can use this bag not only for the RX1R2 but for the variety of sizes of cameras; it is available for a small mirrorless camera including PEN-F, E-M5 and Mark2 and so on, with standard zoom together. (I’d say that I admire the compactness of RX1; it’s almost the same size of M4/3 cameras.)


And for the first time for ULYSSES, we have decide to use the beautiful soft white leather which has wax on the surface of the leather and it will gradually come off and the expression of the leather will change completely as use.


I will let you know the details more when it gets closer to completion since some specifications are going to change.




【Sigma 30mmF1.4 DC HSM Art impression 】

Hello, this is ENZZO.

The camera which I usually use at work (to take pictures of our products) is PENTAX and I have been using it for the long time. While, the single-lens reflex camera I always carry is EOS X7, not K-5. Both have APS-C size sensor but the size and their weights are completely different to put in the same category. When it comes to mobility, the K-5 never beats the KiSS X7.

The question is what kind of lens I should attach to my favorite EOS Kiss X7 when I go photo shooting. The genuine EF40mmF2.8 STM and the EF-S24mmF2.8 STM are okey of course; they are light and thin. But their maximum aperture is rather dark for a single focus lens and I want a little bit more.


Therefore, I recently use sigma 30mmF1.4 DC HSM Art most of the time. Although small-sized EOS Kiss X7 becomes pretty big when completely with the hood, I think it is still fairly compact, considering that it is the F1 .4 large aperture lens.

The lens, which is equivalent to 48 mm full size conversion, is very useful since I can use the camera like the way when I attach 50mm lens to the full size. To tell you the truth, I wanted its previous model SIGMA 30mmF1.4 EX DC HSM, but I’ve heard that its description has peculiar ways as well as its focus accuracy differs substantially between individuals, and I wasn’t fully satisfied with the resolution when maximum aperture. So, I waited patiently for the new one to come.


Now I got it and this time, I tried the 30mmF1.4 DC HSM Art to see how the standard lens which Sigma made only for the APS-C size camera depicts the image.


(EOS Kiss X7 SIGMA 30mmF1.4 DC HSM Art ISO400 1/800 F1.4)

0410-004(EOS Kiss X7 SIGMA 30mmF1.4 DC HSM Art ISO400 1/400 F1.4)


(EOS Kiss X7 SIGMA 30mmF1.4 DC HSM Art ISO400 1/50 F2)


(EOS Kiss X7 SIGMA 30mmF1.4 DC HSM Art ISO400 1/160 F1.4)


(EOS Kiss X7 SIGMA 30mmF1.4 DC HSM Art ISO100 1/800 F1.4)


(EOS Kiss X7 SIGMA 30mmF1.4 DC HSM Art ISO200 1/400 F2)


(EOS Kiss X7 SIGMA 30mmF1.4 DC HSM Art ISO100 1/4000 F1.8)


(EOS Kiss X7 SIGMA 30mmF1.4 DC HSM Art ISO100 1/25 F1.4)


(EOS Kiss X7 SIGMA 30mmF1.4 DC HSM Art ISO100 1/10 F1.4)

Did you find them fascinating?

Sigma 30mmF1.4 DC HSM Art is no exception to the Sigma’s ART line, the part you get the right focus is so sharp. I won’t be surprised anymore. The lens is the one you can rely on under the severe condition. You can get the perfect image even when facing the light.

Just one thing I noticed is that rather loud purple or green fringes appeared when I took a picture of branches over bright background. These fringes stood out too much, so you have to be careful when you shoot under the same kind of situations; even though, these fringes less likely appeared when you close the f stop.


(EOS Kiss X7 SIGMA 30mmF1.4 DC HSM Art ISO100 1/800 F1.4)


In fact, I got a bunch of camera shake and out-of-focus shots. The picture of the night stall is blurry, too. (TAT)

The cause of the camera shake was that I did not put up ISO sensitivity to keep noise low. And the reason many of them were out of focus is because AF of EOS Kiss X7 became suddenly useless after dark.

To be more precise, I pressed the shutter when the focusing mark appeared, but the truth is, that focus did not really match. It can’t be helped since this is the entry model and I don’t expect to get the exact focus point for the first place. But even so it’s a great shame that its AF is not correct enough at the night time.


(EOS Kiss X7 SIGMA 30mmF1.4 DC HSM Art ISO100 1/80 F1.8)

(This is the example of the picture which it focused on nowhere. I intended to focus on the light of the building; however I found it very disappointed to see the pic on the PC later…

Now as a countermeasure against camera shake, there is a choice to get “SP 35mm F1 .8 Di VC USD” from TAMRON, which has camera shake correction. When I attach the lens to the Kiss X7, it becomes 56mm full size conversion; it’s going to be whether I feel the angle too tight or not.

Well, anyway, this is one of which I want to try someday.

Best Wishes,


【My First Impression of the X-Pro2-No.2 】

Hello, this is ENZZO.

The X-Pro2 has been highly praised across social media. Many say that they are truly happy with having replaced their full size single reflex camera with the X-Pro2. I think development team must be more that satisfied with these comments.

I tried the X-Pro2 to see if the reputations are true as it is said. I attached one of the only two FUJINON lenses that I have which equivalent to 35mm of full size, my favorite focal length.


When you put 23mm to the X-Pro2 and look into the view finder with OVF mode, bright frame finder that shows the filming range is really small. If you compare to the Leica of 0.72 magnification attached 35mm, filming range is almost the same as you see in the finder. So it is hard to capture the image.

However, I just didn’t know there is a gimmick: that you can enlarge the range when you throw the frame change lever for two seconds. I should have read the manual and should have known this. lol But this time, I took photos checking the display on the back.

0323-2(X-Pro2 FUJINON XF23mmF1.4 R ISO200 1/900 F1.4)

0323-3(X-Pro2 FUJINON XF23mmF1.4 R ISO200 1/340 F1.4)

0323-4(X-Pro2 FUJINON XF23mmF1.4 R ISO200 1/180 F1.4)

0323-5(X-Pro2 FUJINON XF23mmF1.4 R ISO200 1/240 F1.4)

0323-6(X-Pro2 FUJINON XF23mmF1.4 R ISO200 1/200 F1.4)



(X-Pro2 FUJINON XF23mmF1.4 R ISO200 1/800 F1.4)

How do you like the pictures? Though, I was going to write the first impression of the X-Pro2, this seems like the impression of the XF23mmF1.4 R. (Sorry about that!) Well, you can’t get nice background blur unless you set the focus point real close, since it is 23mm’s super wide-angle lens even if it’s equivalent to 35mm. To put it the way around, I’d like to take photos with maximum aperture, since you get the high contrast, sharp photos with the largest opening.

Well anyway, I really understand that the X-Pro2 can get us film-like image photos, or both highlight and shadow are great, not like the digital cameras.

Conclusion: X-Pro2 is not a sub camera of full size camera but “the serious camera” which I want to take to photo shooting with this and only.

Talk to you soon.