Yes, “Like” to 【Body suit for GRⅡ】

Hi there, it’s Sato.

Digital camera review and news website, DigiCame Watch introduced our 【Body suit for GRⅡ】and【Classico Serpente】in the article of “Digital camera dress-up ism”.

The serialized articles on this website by Tetsu Sawamura are always gripping. This time he shows us the mix match coordination of ULYSSES’ navy camera case and brown neck strap. They look stunning!


[Dress-up for de-miniaturized GR]


【Body suit for GRⅡ】is my personal favourite, so I want many people to look at these pretty photos. I am happy to see them and almost feel like his (?) auntie. You can see the other camera case maker, Recoil’s product in the article as well. Their case has a spicy and masculine look which is pretty different from ULYSSES. The same camera GRⅡ can show interesting style changes depending on the accessories!

Please check them out and get some ideas of dress-up for your beloved camera:)

【PUNTO】Leather Book Case for iPhone6&6s Debut!!!

Hello, this is ENZZO.

I’m very happy to announce our leather book case iPhone6&6s, “PUNTO”, which we’ve been working on it since last August. (It took us half a long year for this!!!)

PUNTO means a ‘dot’ in Italian. Thirteen round prominence will create comfortable and best suited grip for everyone.


Why not put prominence to hook and have secure hold!!!

I confess that I thought “I’ve been making very complicated structure body case for cameras; it’s gonna be a piece of cake to make a simple, small iPhone case.”

That was a big mistake!!!

I struggled; what kind of design would be best for the comfortable use; how could it avoid being a case with only a good material.

It was all the more difficult because it was small; the space is limited that can be used.


Now PUNTO comes in two types: one for the right hand use and one for the left. It’s not one for the right-handed and the other left-handed. Because right-handed person may not always holds phone with their right hand. Vice versa.201601183image-004

So I think it’s best to choose the one match to your style.

See ya.


New colour debut, Body Suit for Sony RX1

Hi, it’s Mori.

Did you hear a sad new from Sony? They have postponed the release of RX1RⅡ. There are arguments both for and against the release because of its high price, but I was surprised and let down by this news of Sony’s long-awaited camera which has full of cutting-edge technologies.  We were waiting impatiently for this camera and have already started to design a new Body Suit, so feeling like it dodged somewhere. Having said that, there must be a critical issue that they even can’t reschedule. I sympathise with Sony staffs who are struggling to solve the problem…


While we’re anxiously waiting, we decided to add a new colour (Navy) to【Body Suit for SONY RX1】, modestly. RX1 Body Suit is a long-selling camera case and finally the popular navy edition joined its colour selection.

blog20151221a blog20151221b

The perfect match is our leather strap 【Classico】;-)

And Then There Will be Fewer Players…

Hello, this is ENZZO.

Dear customers, Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Day.

Sumsung declared virtual withdrawal from camera business. I assume that they couldn’t succeed in building up their branding in the camera genre and came to lag behind Japanese manufacturers in sensor and image processing engine technology. However Sumsung was making a rapid growth in the world share, coming up to 4th following Canon Nikon and Sony. I think the main reason for their withdraw from camera business is that they have judged they won’t get big profit in the camera industry which is rapidly decreasing.

I believe that Samsung had great foresight; it was Samsung that made a mirror-less SLR camera with APS-C size first (before SONY NEX-5 and it had even EVF). Especially, NX20 was well designed and considered to use easily, I liked it a lot and used it for some time. I hope they have developed the camera the way like that but the NX30, following model, became very big and when they released NX1, which became even as large as full-sized camera, I wondered if they were gonna be all right.

Well, no matter what their true reason is for withdraw, I feel a bit sad as a camera fan about there are going to be fewer players. One analyst predicts that there are going to be only three companies, Canon Nikon Sony, to survive in the camera market and the industry will be more and more monopolized. I hope that kind of gloomy prediction would be wrong.

Happy New Year! Hoping that all your wishes come true!k5_aud_nx20_001_edited-1

iPhone 6S leather case Development #4

Hi there, it’s Sato.  The final samples of “iPhone6/6s case” is here!

This case’s greatest feature is the lumpy side of flip, it helps to hold iPhone more secure. We believed this would become a very attractive and smart case from the beginning, but we didn’t imagine that would be this hard!! Giving these lumps to the natural leather was a tough work. With the leather technique, “Shibori”, we tried many kinds of leathers, and changed the size and depth of lumps. The early samples had concave holes…Ah, memories of these days come into my head.

And now we are proud to have the final case sample!! After many tests of heat, pressure and moist, we reached this beautiful lumpy shape. This piece will be shaped by giving heavy pressure twice in the production process. It is the fruit of much labor on our craftsman and now each lump looks adorable to me!

We also decided to make reverse opening type. I personally prefer to hold iPhone on the left side of the case.


There are 3 colour choices and our favourite Italian vege-tan leather, Pueblo gives you a joy to develop the beautiful texture and colour.


We got a good news of delivery from the factory today, so you will see our brand-new item very very soon!! Please wait a bit:)


【The Relationship between Maintenance and Affection】

Hello, this is ENZZO.

One of the lenses that I have long been using is “NOKTON CLASSIC 35mmF1.4”, which Cosina made for Bessa and Leica under the brand name of Voigtlander. It was designed in the motif of Summilux 35mmF1.4, first generation lens from Leica and it is a very compact and good lens to get nice shot even though it’s bright.


However, after my NOKTON being used very hard for a long time, the lens tube started to move shakily. Since I was sad and began to feel I won’t get the best of it with the condition like that, the chance I use the lens gradually decreased. I knew I could have the lens overhauled but since it’s not cheap to maintenance the rangefinder lens, I just put off the repairing.


Finally just the other day, I decided to have the lens repaired.

About a month later, NOKTON returned to my hand: at the shop, they unpacked the package and I turned the focus ring of the lens. I felt the moderate torque. I tried moving the lens tube, but there was no rattling at all. It came back to me adjusted perfectly!!!

I tell you what happened after that. The chance I use the lens dramatically increased. I used the NOKTON CLASSIC 35mmF1.4 as a main lens to attach to Leica for the first place, the chance I use the Leica also increased. I now think that maintenance and devotion are closely related each to each other. You can’t argue that it is natural to maintenance and keep your favorite things good condition. However I found it the secret to use one thing for a long time with devotion this time. I think it’s great thing to do.


Now we are thinking to produce ‘maintenance kit’ for Ulysses’s users to keep the product best condition and use it with affection.

blog-2015-12-07-4(Leica M type 240 NOKTON CLASSIC 35mmF1.4 MC )

Bye now.

【Body Suit for Leica M Typ262】

Hi, it’s Mori.

I heard Leica added a new camera typ262 to Leica M line-up.


It seems a cheap edition… Eh? Cheap?? Although I am prone to focus on the price as a commoner, I think Leica aimed to introduce a cutdown version with enough functions to take good photos. It will surely meet some demands.  The price of Leica M typ240 is \939,600, this new version typ262 is \853,200. There is a pretty big price gap between them, \86,400. And then, I do not feel any senses of bargain, umm…

Ulysses has 2 leather camera cases for Leica, and of course there is a perfect one for Typ262!



【Body Suit for LEICA M/M-P Typ240,246,262】


And now, Leica announced its first mirrorless camera Leica SL.


Even though I saw mixed reactions about it, will this be a good seller?


【Classico Serpente】 New Colour

Hi, it’s Mori.

Ulysses’ leather straps have 5 basic colour variations: Indigo, Olive, Brown, Chocolate, Black.

【Classico Grande】


On the other hand, 【Body Suit】 in 3 colours Chocolate, Black, Navy.

【Body Suit for OM-D E-M5 MarkⅡ】

The navy Body Suits are pretty popular and many customers asked us for the matching pair for straps in the past. That’s why we started to sell navy 【Classico】 for the 1st test case a year ago, and now we decided to add 【Classico Serpente】 for navy strap.

【Classico Serpente】New colour, Navy (2nd from right)

The both ends of Classico Serpente have buckle and cord. It’s perfect for GR, GRⅡ and RX100! Our latest Body Suit for GRⅡ/GR has the basic 3 colours, so please enjoy matching pair or mix match with the new navy Serpente!


Count Down Started? 【PENTAX Brand Full-Size SLR Camera 】

Hello, this is ENZZO.

Now we finally got the “oracle” (teaser advertisement) that they will launch the full-size digital SLR camera Next Spring.


Well, what I found the most fascinating about it is its URL. The domain, “”, include pentax instead of Richo. Furthermore, even in the article, you can’t find the word “Richo” anywhere but only at the end of the site, it’s just added to the bottom as the company logo. It has been a while since Pentax became subsidiary of Richo, I can feel the worm consideration towards pure Pentax fans long before their business integration.

One thing I noticed interesting in the article is the expression of “new full frame format digital SLR camera”. It means, of course, in ordinary thinking, “Pentax will enter the new field of full-sized camera that they have never been”, but I dare to think and wondered the format will be square?” with my mixed feelings of hope. “Is that why the body is also high and square? That’s also why it has a huge roof pentaprism!! And my imagination went on and on…


The picture which seems to be final sample is already published in PhotoPlus 2015, but since the pictures I can find on the web are all are close details of the camera taken by wide lens with smart phones or something and they are so blurred that I can’t get the exact image of the whole camera. It is so frustrating not to have enough information that I want.

Maybe the next chance for us to see it closely is going to be next CP+, next February.

It’s getting colder towards winter now in Japan, but I can’t wait for the warm spring to come already.

See ya.


We are Also Working on the Body Suit for RX1RII.

Hello, this is ENZZO.

I have been keeping you updated the progress of the grip for the RX1RII, while I’m also working on the body suit for it, too.

To tell you the truth, the factory that produces ULYSSES’s product for a long time made a prototype themselves before I actually started to work on it. Of course, since the camera itself hasn’t launched yet, they made it based upon the RX1.


Since we have designed and produced our goods on the concept of “it is better to cover the camera with leather as much as possible to protect the camera”, we sometimes launched the full-covered model which omits the use of the variable angle LCD like the body suit for the α7II and OM-D E-M5II.

However this time, we have decided to make the body suit which you still can use the variable angle LCD when the suit on. So they made the mock in accordance with our intention.

It’s same as the previous model that there is a grip on the left side to have a secure hold of the camera, but the right side is totally open, not covered by leather at all.

It makes sense since the camera doesn’t sell with battery charger unless you buy it and you need to charge the battery using USB.


As you can see, the back of the camera is totally open, too. The suit has a “flip cover” to access the battery compartment, not necessary to remove the body suit every time you want and need to change batteries.

I’m very excited to see how the model will change with a second sample.

Bye now.