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our products | ULYSSES BLOG - Part 4

our products


Body Suit for Leica M(M-P) Typ240/Typ246 is now on sale!

To LEICA fans, thanks for waiting! This new body suit is not exactly the same as the Leica M’s of course. The … continue reading

Style change for old NEX

I borrow camera from ULYSSES’ collection from time to time. It’s a good chance to become familiar with various … continue reading

iPhone 6S Leather case Development #1

Hello, this is ENZZO. We have decided to make the leather case for the iPhone 6S which will be released soon.( … continue reading

Profound technique of leather craft

Quiz: what’s the object below? ①hat ②choc mould ③leather prototype Right answer! Of course ③. It was done by a … continue reading

Can fit A7RII, RX100M4 too

Hi, this is Mori. I enjoyed festive feels of the Obon holidays and Blue Monday has passed. Thank you for your … continue reading

【CUSCINO】 lining to change

Hi there. Our leather camera case 【CUSCINO】 has a good reputation for its quick opening and the high quality l … continue reading

The Body Suit for OM-D E-M5 Mark II will be rolled out very soon.

Hello, this is ENZZO.  Thank you for waiting for so long. The body suit has finally completed and ready to be … continue reading

More serious giver than receiver

Hi, this is Mori. Choosing one image per month from user submitted posts is one of my tasks at work. This mont … continue reading

Body suit for RICOH GRⅡ in progress

RICOH finally released GRⅡ. I was so curious about its appearances as a member of body suits planning team. Wh … continue reading

Progression status of the Body Suit for the Leica MP!!!

Hello, this is ENZZO. We are very delighted to let you know that making of the Body Suit for the Leica MP is p … continue reading